You create.
We code.

Synergy happens when experts come together to create something greater than they can achieve on their own.

You’re creative. We’re digital. Together, we can do something amazing.

As your digital support, Strut takes the strain of building websites that work.

We bring your creative ideas to life on the web without you needing to worry about how we do it.

It sounds simple. It is simple. Because we’re good at what we do.

And that’s why some of the best creative businesses trust Strut.

Branding up.
Not blending in.

We know how much time, thought and energy agencies invest in creating brands that attract and inspire. We understand completely that a great website is a vital extension of your client’s presence. Think of what we do as digital brand control.

And because we appreciate good design, we can offer your designers digital support at all stages of the design process if required. We’ll help you with initial concepts, help you to refine designs or work precisely with your designs and supplied assets.

We’ll also let you know immediately if we spot a visual problem or implementation issue, and offer a solution that’s true to the brand and true to your design vision.

Trust Strut to create a website that doesn’t just respect the brand. It elevates it.


We know that communication is critical to producing the right solution.

We’re also acutely aware that designing for the wide range of digital devices can be daunting for a traditionally print based designer.

Trying to cater for mobiles, tablets and television screens – and desktop too – can be a minefield. To guide you through it safely, we’ve created the Strut Design Toolkit.

Whether you use our Toolkit, or supply us your finished visuals, your website will be built to perform beautifully on a desktop, a laptop, a tablet or a smart phone. Take it as read.

Because ‘responsive’ comes as standard when you work with Strut.

Time pressed.

We understand the process and tools used by graphic designers. So, we’ve created the Strut Design Toolkit for creative studios that want to offer more digital options to their clients.

The Illustrator and InDesign based toolkit provides a range of layout options that the designer can choose from and work up, to high fidelity visuals. We’re giving you control, and the confidence to know that designs created with our toolkit will make it to the web, looking just as you expect.

We use WordPress to build and manage our sites. It’s an incredibly flexible and well supported platform that provides solutions to almost any website issue you can imagine.

And its built-in tools make content management easier than you would have thought possible.

Because we use WordPress, we’re very much in control of process, procedure, quality and efficiency at every stage. Which means total peace of mind for you.

WordPress is robust, flexible, stable and used by 60 million websites, including a quarter of the top most-visited websites in the world.

Isn’t it time you joined them?

True value.
Not false economy.

You want value for money. Your clients want a return on their investment. You both want the best possible website for your budget.

That’s why Strut was created. To give you the opportunity to tap into the skills, knowledge and heritage of the JP74 Group in a way that’s cost effective for your scale of operation.

We know what we’re doing. So we can be clear about how long your project will take us to complete, right from the start. And, of course, what it will cost you.

There are cheaper ways of building websites. But you’ll find our efficiency and professionalism adds huge value to your project, without adding to the cost.

Old dog.
New tricks.

There’s a very good reason why we can make these claims with such confidence.

And that’s because we are part of the highly regarded JP74 Group – a business with an outstanding track record in delivering high profile websites to an enviable client list.

JP74 have helped world class design and branding agencies Turner DuckworthGBH and North to establish their own unique presence on the web. We’ve also enjoyed long relationships with agencies and the more business led clients such as Egencia – the business travel arm of Expedia.

We’ve also got a long working history with D&AD. Over the course of six years, we’ve created and designed the iterations of their websites, whilst also implementing the digital infrastructure that goes with the Awards process. Their Yellow Pencils are something every creative agency worth their salt will have heard of…

We’ve taken the high-end development skills, knowledge and ethos of JP74 and wrapped them up into a package for small to mid-range websites.

Which means you can leverage some serious know-how in a surprisingly cost-effective way.

Our work.
Our clients.

Strut work with many of the UK’s top design, creative and brand agencies. But we never claim credit for the wonderful websites we make for them, so you won’t see any here.

These examples are websites we create for direct clients. We don’t seek this work, but we’re always happy to help when asked.


We’re always interested in talking to serious creative agencies who need our brand of serious digital support, or marketeers looking to take their company’s digital presence to the next level.

Contact us today. We’d love to hear from you.

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